The guestrooms were named to celebrate Linda's brothers and sisters. All guestrooms have private baths and entrances.



The Kat Gail Room is filled with soft Nebraska 

sunshine every morning and has a great view

from the private  balcony It has a private bath and entrance.

Furnished with a queen-sized bed and celebrating 

our Irish heritage. This room honors Kellee, the fifth child. She is a lover of all things old and historical.

The Bonnie Jean Room is decorated as a tribute to

 the roaring twenties when the nation was a peace 

and the economy was strong. 

Furnished with a queen-sized bed, it is on the first 

floor and has a private accessible  bathroom. This 

room honors Bonnie, the fourth child and a 

“flapper” in so many ways.  

The Bobby Joe Room is a wonderful place to watch the sun come up over the quiet country cemetery from the private balcony. The room has the feel of

Frank Lloyd Wright. It has a private bathroom and entrance. Furnished with a comfortable queen-sized bed and relaxing high winged back reading chairs,

This room was the bedroom of Robert. He is the second oldest child and a great joke teller.

Bettee Queen Room has flowered wallpaper and hand carved furniture. It is a sunny warm place even on a cold January day.  The room has twin beds.

A retreat back to a more gracious time, The room has a private bath and entrance. This was the bedroom of the youngest child, Bettee Colleen, who cares  for people like an expert gardener cares for roses.